Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Day

So, in the spirit of homeschooling and spending more time with the kids, Vic and I decided today was family day and the neighbor kids were not invited. Actually, they call two or three times every time they are not at school to see if the boys can play and usually I say yes, or ignore the phone. :P Then they just come over and who can say no to that? Not me. Still working on being able to say no when I need to.

Anyway, back to today. The neighbor's called at 9 o'clock in the morning. We were just out of bed, and were thinking about breakfast. Sorry, can't play today. 

I got this cool little pancake thingy at Albertsons last week and thought today would be a good day to use it. It's like a 16 oz cup on the bottom with a cool squeezy bottle that screws on to the top and has a lid that has a thing like a icing nozzle whatchamacallit. Great, huh?  You put the pancake mix in the cup, screw on the bottle, add water, and other wet ingredients, put on the lid and shake. Then you squeeze out pancakes, and designs into your pan. 

We made mickey mouse pancakes and butterfly pancakes with blueberry eyes and noses. The kids did their own and we had fun. Should have taken pictures.

One of the things we decided to do today was to defrost the deep-freeze, which was full of frost and bad food that had melted and refrozen because the door hadn't been shut all the way a couple months ago. Yuck! Not really looking forward to that.
Defrosting the deep freeze.

So, as soon as breakfast was over (well, the kids were done, but we weren't), the boys took upon themselves to empty the freezer of all food and get out the hairdryer. I had to get the dishes done fast. Whoops, gotta clean the top freezer in the kitchen and reorganize so the perishable stuff can not perish. Then, helped the boys put non-perishables in the old fridge in the back porch.
Reorganized top freezer.

Long story short, the freezer is defrosted and clean waiting for food to be put back in, interrupted only by laundry, baby dealings, tv and other great stuff.
Sleeping Sarah

Doing Laundry
The other thing we did today was make gluten. Victor had made soup last night and thought it would be good with gluten in it so that's what we had for dinner. The kids and I made gluten then made cookies. Fairly healthy ones.
Making gluten and cookies.

First we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the all-new Forks over Knives cookbook.  We used sweetened carob chips instead of chocolate chips. Josh tasted them and thought they were minty chocolate. I then told him they were carob chip. Ha! He said they were good.
Then because we had brownie mix, we made brownie cookies. Added some gluten flour and water and used cookie cutters. Kind of gooey to cut out but when baked, turned out quite good.

Anyway, we had fun and learned some patience (me) and some math (the boys).

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to share some of the information of the blogs I've been reading and what I think of it. If not tomorrow, sometime soon!


  1. Sounds like a busy day to me. I'm still trying to learn how to juggle school work and baby. A learning curve. How's that going for you?

  2. Hi, Rachel.

    This day is not typical actually. Sunday's usually end up with the kids in and out and us adults vegging out in front of the computer.

    It's always changing. Right now, we don't have a set schedule for bookwork yet. In fact, the bookwork is limited to practicing the 3 R's. Basic reading, writing, and doing some math. And most days we only do one of the 3, if that.

    Right now, Sarah is easy to deal with and the boys are good, and excited about doing whatever it is we are doing that day, most of the time.

    Thanks for commenting!