Thursday, October 4, 2012

My intent today was to finish the grocery shopping. But Jeffrey has a fever, stuffy nose and headache. John and Josh already had colds and even Sarah has been a bit congested over the last week. 
So, we sat around most of the day. 

Worship was followed by naptime. John and I were the only ones who didn't nap. Jeffrey sleeps on and off with a cool rag on his forehead. Then Sarah's temp went up. Ugh! I really don't like having sick kids. 

Anyway, I was researching, as I always do. 

You know how you might have learned something in the past, and know good natural things to do for a certain problem, or whatever? But even though you know what to do you need confirmation or are just seeking new ideas to help ease your mind? 

I love the internet. It's so full of great things that you can pick out of the junk that's out there. 

So, yes, I was researching. I know to take a child's temp and give them fluids and cool down with a cool, not cold, rag, etc. I also know that a fever is the body fighting whatever is making it sick, so it's a good thing.

But, I like to do all I can to speed things along and reassure myself that I'm doing everything that is humanly possible to make my kids healthy and comfortable. What mom doesn't do this? Or any parent, for that matter. 

Anyway, I knew that in an infant, skin to skin contact is beneficial especially in newborns to help regulate body temperature and heart rate and breathing. What I wanted to know was if it would help much with fevers in infants (not premie or newborn). 

Yes, it does help. It can help lower the stress and temperature, keeping the fever from going too high. I guess in a way, the heat is drawn out by my body. Which makes perfect sense.

Amazing isn't it? 

So here I sit with Sarah naked on my chest, and she does feel cooler, except that her head sweats and makes me sweat. :-P But I guess that's the joy of motherhood.

This was a cool blog post I came across in my search. 

You know I just love being able to connect with my kids, whether it's physically, or emotionally. I sometimes get a bit lazy and let them do what they want to do all day with not enough real quality time spent with me. 

Yes, I am a bad mother. But that is one of my goals, to change my bad habits and enjoy playing with my kids without thinking constantly about other things. Just focusing my complete attention on them when I spend time with them. 

So, now I'm going to to spend some quality time with my kids, reading bedtime stories. Good night, readers!


  1. well I never knew you could bring down a baby's fever that way. Good thing to stash away. Especially since I have a baby and we are entering into cold season. You might want to get a hold of Be Your Own Doctor by Rachel Weaver. Chock full of great remedies and recipes on how to make tinctures etc.

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I'll look for it.