Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend breakthroughs.

On Sabbath, we had church and potluck in the park. It was nice and cool, and sunny. For potluck, I was a good girl and had some salad that I had made, some vegan pasta-free crockpot lasagna adapted from Forks over Knives (very delish), a 'meatball' that I'm sure had dairy in it, some vege burger of sorts with cactus or green peppers in it, and several vegetable baked egg rolls. And probably a few other things. Most everything I ate was dairy free, except the meatballs and the egg rolls.

But then I went back for seconds. The stuff I liked was all gone, of course. But there was a seven layer salad that had a few spoonfuls left, so I took some, noting that there was a heavy mayo dressing and hardboiled egg slices. For desert, I wasn't going to eat any, but tempted by someone who didn't want to take the rest home, I ate a piece of gooey fudge brownie, and that was followed by 2 donuts and several white rolls with buttter. Ugh. I felt fine until I ate all those seconds.

Now I was drowsy and ready for a nap. When we got home I put away the bread that was sent home with us, took a bite of a leftover donut before putting it away and then sent the kids off to naps. After awhile, I did take a nap.

In the evening I had  the rest of that donut and some other foods that were ok, I don't remember what. veges I think. By the time we were ready to go to bed, I was having a gall bladder attack. I kept trying to remember what it was that could have caused it. I'd eaten some cheese over the last few days, but it had'nt been causing any immediate problems. Then I remembered, it must have been the eggs and high fat donuts and butter.

So I took a pain pill, took a hot bath and put almost scalding hot water on my gall bladder. Within a half hour the attack was over.

Based on this experience, I am, definitely, hopefully, not going to knowingly eat dairy and eggs.

Sunday, we had a wonderful lentil chili from the Forks over Knives cookbook. (I love this book more than any other I've used).
Monday we had tator tots, which gave me a little heartburn in the evening because of the fat. And for lunch I made a kale salad with avocado and tomato and lettuce and some ACV and pickled artichoke hearts. I ate a bunch of that and we finished the lentil chili.
In the evening, getting the nibbles, Victor got out the ice cream. I was tempted, but praise the Lord, the thought of adding to the heartburn and my new resolve not to indulge, kept me from following. I had some applesauce instead.

So today, I am feeling much better. Still have some residual heartburn but it's fading. Had some baked egg rolls for breakfast getting rid of the last of the wrappers.

I'm going to be trying the wheat free diet. So most of the recipes I make won't have any wheat ingredients from now on. Whatever wheat products, the kids and Victor will use up slowly and once those are gone we won't buy anymore. Not going grain free though, since rice, oats and buckwheat and the seeds aren't problematic to non-sensitive people, according to The Wheat Belly doctor.

Wheat these days is a GM food. So once we've weaned off, it's no longer an option for my health.

OK, that was a long one. I'm hoping that wasn't too boring! But if it was don't worry about it. I'm not. This blog is my public journal, and if anyone doesn't find my thoughts interesting that's ok. My thought's are mine, not anyone elses' and every person is different.


  1. So wheat-free because it's GMO? No allergies? I have to be wheat-free when nursing. It doesn't agree with my babies.

  2. No wheat allergies that I've noticed. But I've never not eaten it so haven't had a chance to test it out. I'm going to see if it changes anything by not eating it and yes the modern variety that is sold nowadays is GMO and causes problems more then it ever did before it was modified.

  3. Boring????? Not!!! I find it fascinating how you can remember just about every bite you took at a potluck. . . Amazing :-)

  4. Thanks, Laura for the encouragement!