Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vacation Part 1

Wheat free has been fun and actually fairly easy. I forgot to take a picture, I think, of the other wheat free bread that I tried. It was very good, has a light, sweeter flavor, although it was somewhat doughy. I'll try a little less liquid next time since instead of eggs or egg re-placer I used flax meal and water.
Reading with Grandma and Grandpa

Aunt Tiffany (my little sister)

The kids and I are spending time at my parents this week with my brother, sister and spouses and my sister's baby girl. My sister-in-law and brother have been trying to eat more healthfully so we have all been having fun trying new recipes. One we set some aside for me because everybody else wanted vegeburger which has wheat in it. Other then that most everything that we ate was gluten free. Mom got me some gluten free buns and pancake mixes for the days we had bread items as main dishes. The gluten free items were very tasty and light. Being rice based, the pancakes and breads were slightly sweeter than the wheat.
Uncle Jon (my baby brother)

Today we, actually mostly Erin (sister-in-love), are making Eggplant 'Parmesan' and greek salad. Yum! Completely vegan and wheat free.
Aunt Erin (Jon's wife) and Uncle Jon

Big differences in how I feel too. My acid reflux is mostly gone. I have more energy in spite of having gone to bed late every night. I think my brain is clearer.

Sabbath was potluck and was hit and miss. More hitting the good things than missing them, I think. Everything I ate was wheat free and as far as I could tell was vegan. Only one thing was clearly not vegan and that was the California sushi rolls with egg in them. But I love sushi rolls so I had some anyway.

Sarah is teething, I think; fussing, drooling and chewing on her clothes and fingers and blanket. She rolled over last night and off the mattress on to the floor. 3 inches since I'm sleeping on the floor in the first place.

The kids played soccer with Uncle Dave (brother-in-love) and Uncle Jon (brother) and had lots of fun.
Uncle David (Tiffany's hubby)

We've really been enjoying our stay so far and relaxing, but will be glad to get back to our own beds at home, of course.

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