Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LIfe in 2013

Happy New Year all you people who happen to read this!

So, the saga of life continues. So far this year, Victor has worked 1 day and we have gone through the yearly application for unemployment which accompanies his boss' two month vacation. God is good and always provides for our needs.

We have gotten quite a few things done that were on our honey-do list for this period of time. We cleaned the living room and reorganized it so it's not so cluttered.  Victor cuts up some wood  every few days with the handsaw and the table saw for the woodstove.  We are working on the rest of the house to get it cleaned up and less cluttered. I guess you could call it our spring cleaning in the middle of winter!

I've been pretty good about staying wheat free for the most part and feel much better when I'm not eating it.

Right now, it's really cold. The furnace is kicking in which means our propane tank is now close to empty. Going to have to get some more. The wind was really bad for the last few days so the wind chill must have been below zero even though the actual temperature at night was in the low teens. We managed to keep the indoor temperature up above freezing :) at least in the bedrooms with the heaters running, and the living room  during the day with the woodstove almost red hot. Today is much warmer so haven't needed the woodstove and Victor got some propane and turned the furnace up. The sun is shining in the living room so it's warm and the wind stopped so the cold isn't coming through the walls as easily.  Praise the Lord for the respite.

Victor had to take the van to go do a job on a generator since the truck needs a fuel line replaced before he can drive it again. I was planning to do some grocery shopping today but I guess it will have to wait until he gets back. Maybe tomorrow. It's just as well. Two of the kids have a headache, slightly feverish and tired, and baby is fussy so we're just being lazy for the time being.

It seems in our studies of late, that time is getting short, Satan is working very hard to discourage many from truth and things are winding up toward the end. We must pray and watch, watch and pray. Jesus is coming soon and the Bible says that right before He comes there will be hard times and tribulations. We must be ready.

Study to show thyself approved unto God. Watch and pray. Get to know God as a Friend and Savior and let Him change you into what He meant you to be, a citizen fit for heaven! He wants us all there but He won't force anyone to accept Him. He's offering us His grace and life as a gift. Accept Him now.

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  1. Always like to read your updates Juliette. I've got snotty nosed sick little ones here too. Both the younger ones are napping and the older two are out having a picnic in the 35 degree sunshine. =) You are so right. Time is very short.