Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Experiments in life

Hi, ya'll.

This week, Sarah is 7 months. For the last month she has been intensely observant of us when we eat, grabs for my spoon, my plate, my cup and in general wants whatever we are eating. So, every once in while I would give her a taste of something that we were eating, soup or smoothie, anything smooth enough for her to swallow without gagging. Last week, I gave her her first full meal of peaches. She loves food! So far, she's had peaches, sweet potatoes, squash, broth from the borscht I made, green smoothies, banana's and beets.

Like I said, she loves food and loves to eat. I weighed her yesterday and as my weight has been going down, her's goes up. She's now 15 lbs. She is officially twice what she weighed at birth.

Last Friday, I did it again. I am assuming the cause was the tator tots and french fries and there might have been some potato chips thrown in there somewhere. NO more fried food for me, I guess.

Anyway, it must have been too much oil, but I ended up with another gallbladder attack in the afternoon. It was early enough that I figured it would be over by bed time. Well, it was, almost. Just when I thought it was easing up, it started in again. So I spent the evening nibbling raw beets and sipping flaxseed tea. Then I dozed sitting up first in warm water in the tub, then in my rocking chair in the living room and finally sitting up in bed. Sometime in the early morning, the stone that was causing the problem either backed off or passed through and I was able to lay down comfortably.

So much for that. Since then, I've been eating mostly raw, and eating alot of beets. The other thing I've been doing is making sure I eat a high alkaline diet.

Yesterday, I made pizza for the kids. It was just pizza crust with tomatoes and spinach, olives and onions. I tried a gluten free pizza crust mix that ended up a bit on the sticky side. Too much rice I think. Not one I'll try again.
The funny thing was I put the yeast in the bowl and the flax/egg replacer and then instead of dumping the bag of mix in I grabbed the bag of flax meal and dumped the whole thing in before I realized what I had done. So I had to start over. The mistake I added flour to, and mixed it up with some seeds and dried fruit and honey and made a sort of flat flax meal bread. It's edible especially if I toast it so I had some for breakfast this morning.

Well, off to get something done today before it the day ends! Later.

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