Sunday, February 17, 2013

Latest happenings.

So, this month we've all had the flu, or something like it. The boys had it first, headache, fever, lethargic. So, I stayed home from church that week. The next week, I had it, so I stayed home from church again, this time by myself with Sarah who managed to entertain herself on the bed while I napped. The third week, Victor had got it so I took the kids to church and he stayed home. Finally, we got to got to church all together. Then Friday afternoon, we went out to eat at the chinese restaurant. Yum!. Except, I ate too much fried food and woke up with a gallbladder attack at 3 am. So, I stayed home from church yet again. When will I ever learn?!

I was feeling better by lunch time and was able to go to the afternoon baptism of one of the youngsters of our church. And had yummy food at the evening potluck!

On a more positive note, the kids joined Kids Club with 3ABN and are enjoying practicing their writing while doing the Bible studies.

Victor and I have been wasting alot of time on the computer, but just recently started up again with reading some great books and spending time studying the Bible. We also managed to get the carpet in the living room cleaned (although it doesn't look it anymore). I did some major pruning of the rosemary bushes out front, which actually ended up with one of them totally pulled out since it was dead to the roots.

Victor did the sermon a couple weeks ago, or was it last week? I've lost track of the time with all the illness and such. He showed the first 30 minutes of "The Blueprint: Earth's Final Movie" by Ivor Myers. Everyone wants to see the rest of it so  hopefully the pastor can get him another couple of weeks to do that.

Sarah is 6 months old now. She's sitting up on her own, even though she can't get to that position by herself yet. She had her first full meal of pureed peaches this morning for breakfast. She has had bites of other things at other meals, and she loves food and grabbing the spoon, so she is pretty much ready for solids. Right now, she's teething so dribbles all down her front, so I have to keep a bib on her at all times and change it out at least once a day. She loves to talk and sing to herself, but of course there are no intelligible words yet.

Well, I think that's all for now.

Oh, yeah, an upside to being sick, for me, I'm back down to what I weighed before I got pregnant with Sarah. 150 lbs or a bit less. Yay for me. Some of it I lost while sick because I didn't eat for 2 days. The rest I lost because I left out the wheat. I didn't realize how much that actually affected me. Now, I just need to stay off it and forget about the fried foods. I guess I'll just have to have chinese food at home, no eating it out. I feel better when I don't eat it anyway. Even the best places use so much oil and fat. If I make it myself I can make it healthier and still get most of the flavor.

Ok, now I'm done.

Til later!

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