Monday, April 1, 2013

Resurrection weekend

This weekend most of the Christian world remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the wonderful salvation He brought us.

 Our local church does an easter egg hunt in the park for the neighborhood kids followed by telling the story of the Passion week. It was a beautiful out so we went outside and had some fun in the sun.

Sabbath afternoon we got out the kites and flew them in the field next to our house. A few of the neighbor kids joined in.


Sunday we went to the park and joined in the candy eating fun as well as flying kites again and taking some pictures for the record.

Sarah is 8 months old now and very active. She's almost crawling and starting to pull herself up on things and people. Isn't she cute?! She has 2 1/2 teeth and another beginning to swell the gum.

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