Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving out in faith Part 1

This is what our whole house looks like at the moment. This next series of blogs is going to be about what we are doing in faith and the process of moving forward with  God and all the lessons we are learning. Some of it will be hard, some easy. 

Part of the time my blog may be a bit boring as I document the lists of things that need doing and the steps we are doing them in. Hopefully though, it may be a help to any who may be going through similar circumstances.

So here's my first list. 

Upcoming blog posts:

1. Why this series
2. Background info
3. Lists of to do
4. Things we are learning

Some of these will be more then one part. And they may not come in that order. I may even throw in a blog or two about some of the places we've looked at as a reminder to myself.!

Anyway, forward we move in God. And trust His leading.

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