Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving out in faith part 2

So the story is, we found out we have to move and it seems we always have a trust issue with God. 

We've been wanting a house that doesn't have wiring problems, lack of insulation in the walls, mold, leaky roof and walls, etc., etc., etc. 

Our prayer has been that we could find a place and that it wouldn't cost too much and that Grandma would be taken care of, since she lives alone now, doesn't have a car anymore and has more trouble getting around them she used to. 

Over the weekend we found out we would have to move and initially were told we had 30 days to do so. 

First answer to prayer, Grandma is moving to her daughters.  Second answer to prayer we will get another house hopefully in better shape.

So now the reason for this series. We have no idea were we are going to find a place to live yet, at least not around here and not one we can afford. Which basically is nothing. 

But when God says it is time to move, it's time to move. So we are looking for a place and when God shows us the right one He provide the means to pay for it as well.

Good news is, the official notice of eviction came today and we have 9 months before we have to be out of here.

Another answer to prayer. And so we move out in faith. 

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