Saturday, July 27, 2013

Moving out in faith, part 4

In part 2, we found out that we have 9 months from June 26 to find a place to live and move out. So, we made some lists. The first list was what we needed in a home. The second list is what we wanted in a home. The third list was both of these plus some conditions that we knew would have to be met in order for the other lists to be fulfilled. Basically these lists were a prayer list for our home that God has for us. These lists are between us and God, so that any part that is fulfilled we will only be able to give glory to Him and not take any on ourselves.

After those lists were made we started looking. We saw a few places that were close to ideal, a few that met almost all of the specifications our list. Right now we are waiting for the signal from God as to when, specifically where, and then how.

So, on to the next list.

To do #1.
Clean and sort through all the accumulation of junk and stuff that we have, much of which we don't really need. And that is more than we care to admit.

So the list of stuff to go through is being divided into about 7 months so that the task doesn't overwhelm us.

1. Shed 1
2. Shed 2
3. Porches, we have 2
4. Bedrooms
5. Bathroom and laundry
6. Kitchen and living room
7. Rest of the yard
8. Anything else that got left out accidentally.

Anyway, here we go.

Moving out in faith.

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