Friday, August 16, 2013


OK this post was going to start out talking about how SArah is walking and trying to run. But it's changed slightly.

We went camping last weekend. I took the camera but didn't use it. Sorry.

We had a great time visiting with old and new friends from Las Vegas, Redcliffs, and Cedar City. Even a couple people from British Columbia.

It was definitely a Spirit-filled weekend with 2 speakers who didn't know each other til they got there, compared notes and decided they were speaking about the same thing, so (without rehearsal) did devotions, vespers, Sabbath school and church and afternoon meeting together. LIke two people who had a script and had practiced it before hand, they spoke back and forth about our orientation.

Why are we Christians? Is it to avoid hell? Is it because our parents are? What does your answer reveal about your relationship with JEsus?

Is our orientation toward our agenda or God's Kingdom agenda? Is our focus on ourselves and what we can get away with by lowering the standard? Or is our focus on God's agenda of purifying us and going out to preach His gospel?

Matthew 25:31-46 was the key text for the weekend. The final exam. Our whole focus should be "Are we giving glory to God? What does that look like? As wee've done it to our fellows we do it to Jesus.

Part of the message for the last days is "Fear God, and Give glory to Him. . . .Worship Him who made heaven and earth. . . ."  The issue is who are you worshipping?

John 3:16 says that Jesus died for the whole world. Everyone. The condition for salvation is whether people believe and accept that or not. Our job as Christians is to treat everyone as someone that Jesus died for and giving glory to God by living with the goal in mind. Which is eternal, not temporal.

Jesus said, Follow me. He calls us to follow Him and then provides us with the power to do so.

What is your focus? Why are you a Christian? Does your walk show others who you are following?

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