Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New fun cooking!

Last Sunday we helped a friend move some appliances and furniture out of their old house to a new one not too far away. They had this stove that works but the oven doesn't bake properly. The place they moved to had a stove already so she offered it to us. Yay! 
The oven only works on broil so I heat it up till it gets almost to the temperature I want to bake at and then turn it to quick bake which turns the fan on to circulate the air around. The temp stays close to what I want it for about 20 mins as long as I don't open the oven door. If I do, it drops fast so I just turn it back to broil for a couple mins to heat it up again. Can't leave the oven while it baking though, or something might burn or not get done. But hey, it's worth it to have working burners again! Thanks, Bambi and Garry!
I love parchment paper for baking. Non stick and the pizza or cookies slides right off.
This is lunch today. Homemade gluten free non dairy pizza. The kids liked it. I made two and there were only three pieces left when we got done!

Til next time, happy baking!

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