Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The last couple of days have been long and tiring. For two weeks or is it three I've been fighting a sore throat. I'm not sure what caused it but suspicion strep or even just major irritation from allergies. No one else seemed to get it at first. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe it was a combination because John now has a sore throat and The other two boys are sniffling and coughing. Sarah has had a fever for two days. 

My sore throat is finally on its way out, I hope. I've been doubling up on the garlic and gargling with hydrogen peroxide and charcoal and salt water and cayenne and lemon and. . . Anything else I have in the cupboard that will help! 

Sarah has had a fever of about 100 to 101 for the last two days. Of course, I worry that it might go too high or that it could be something serious, but then she nurses and sleeps and is not abnormally uncomfortable so I remember what a fever is for and pray for her healing and I know that all will be well.

Here is an article I just read to remind myself of what fevers do and why it's important not to freak out and try to reduce it at this stage.

I want her body to be efficient. God designed it that way. So, we went outside in the sunshine yesterday and had some bug killing rays, I ate tons of big killing garlic, we all have been drinking lots of toxin flushing water and meals have been loaded with alkaline bug killing veges. 

Yay for God's doctoring!


  1. just to add to your list of natural doctoring, Emily and I have had some kind of runny nose/cold. Monday, I was feeling miserable, on the verge of nausea, thinking maybe it was more than just a cold. So, at least three times, maybe four, I took two ounces Ningxia Red with two drops Thieves and five drops Lemon. Knocked it out pretty good! still slight nose issues and had more of the concoction again today. Lemon is one of the cheapest oils, and has great antibiotic and antiviral qualities!

    1. Yeah, I've been using lemon oil as wel as lemon juice every morning in my water. And I've also been using OnGuard which is DoTerras immune blend. I did a bit of Melaleuca as a gargle a couple of times as well. So hoping that will all knock it out. Now if I could get Sarah to drink some juice with something in it. She hates the taste of the oils. My sore throat is doing better except for drainage irritation. Got to get rid of the peanut butter and wheat. They seem to be mucus triggers for me.