Monday, October 28, 2013


So, I set up this schedules routine so that we could get everything done that needed to be done. 

Here's what usually ends up happening. 

My alarm goes on.  I hit it off and doze in and out having spurts of prayer in between (horrible, I know). Then Victor gets up and rushes around getting ready for work while I start getting up and finish my prayers and the kids do their hires. We get breakfast and I make Victors lunch. 

After Victor leaves, I clean up the kitchen and the boys play. I do usually get outside to do something even if it's just to read Facebook in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Then sometimes I remember to do a 15 min cleanup or 2 but with no help from the kids. I hate to call them in. Sometimes I have to referee a fight or two.  Then we do have school. At least that one does end up being done on schedule.

After worship and school, (have to do that since we mostly miss it in the morning) then dinner gets fixed and eaten, again usually on time. 

Then we do a cleanup, most of the time and watch the news and the Brady Bunch with grandma. After that we have Bible and worship and bed. 

We are slowly getting closer to where I would like to be. In the next post, I will explain what I mean.

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