Monday, October 28, 2013


Here is a basic rundown of the ideal day in our house.

After I get up and have my own devotional time, at 7 we have family worship. And the boys do their morning chores. Then we eat breakfast around 8 so Victor can leave for work by 8:45. After the dishes and the kitchen is cleaned up, the boys play Legos or run around outside while Sarah and I do some outside chores or I catch up on some reading, usually in the hammock on the porch if it's warm enough. 

About 10 we do a 15 min clean up of one area of the house and drink our water. Then again at 11 comes another 15 min work/water break. At noon we start our school work. We are learning about trees. After the book reading, we do an activity and our reading lessons. Then each of the kids has their turn on the computer with a typing lesson. Then they get to play.

 Each kid has a chance to be helper for the day so if it's their day they help fix dinner which we eat at 3. Then after cleanup there is another quick 15 min cleanup. 

Then we go to grandma's house for the news and the Brady Bunch. By then it is evening and time to get ready for bed. 

After everyone is in their pjs and has brushed their teeth, whoever is helper or the day chooses which Bible video we watch and then we have worship. Sometimes daddy is home by then so we all have prayer together and they are usually in bed before 8:30. 

I try to put away some laundry at this point while Victor is winding down and we chat about our days. 

Now for reality. :) Next post!


  1. I enjoy treading about your little family.what sweet kids you have and wow what organization!

    1. Thanks, but it's never as organized as I would like. We are working on getting better. Always room for improvements!