Friday, November 29, 2013

Challenges and Resolutions

Tomorrow is the last day of the smoothie challenge for November. Apparently they have had one every month this year. I ha a lot of fun and enjoyed the different combos an recipes that I never may have thought of on my own. 

Starting on Sunday, the first of December, I am going to begin a challenge of my own. Each day, my alarm is set for 5 am whether I get up or not. So I am going to get up and use my rebounder and then have a smoothie for breakfast. Hmm, sounded a lot more exciting in my head!

Anyway, I am adding exercise to my day. Which I have gotten out of the habit of doing. I really need to get a handle on it because my gallbladder has been acting up again and I don't like it! So I am working on getting healthier.

Oh, the other thing I am adding starting this month is a menu plan. I hope. I am going to try to stick to it, keeping it simple and as cheap as possible. I am trying to wean the rest of the family off of wheat, (i.e. Victor, mostly) and feed us all as healthy as possible. We'll see how it goes. 

In January, Victor and I have a plan for several things that we are going work on, while he is off from work so that we don't get lazy, which is what tends to happen on vacation time. More on that, later.

So, here's to new resolutions for the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. We take it month by month and day by day. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fun things!

This month I started a smoothie challenge. Basically all I'm doing is adding a green smoothie to my menu and boy, has it been fun and delish! 
It's been great to have more ideas for smoothies than I've had before and when I'm done I'll have the whole collection that we do I'm my email folder for ideas later. Loving the combos!
Blueberry, banana, kale, ginger, and chia seed. So far one of my favs. 

Another one that Sarah enjoyed too!

Then on Sabbath evening after the kids were in bed this cute kitty showed up at our door. None of the neighbors know who she belongs to. I've got ads out all over Facebook and at the local shelter and area pet websites including Craigslist. So far no one claims her. Victor says we can't afford to keep her, but she's growing on him. So there is someone who may take her if we can't find her owners. She may have been just dropped off here, a fairly common occurrence. 
Cute, isn't she? 

And last night we went to meet the Adventist Bookmobile that stopped at the church. Got a game for the kids and some food items to try. Actually saw one of these at the Natural Grocers here in town so will have to try some of the other flavors they have. 
We had some of it for breakfast this morning along with smoothies and other stuff.
Sarah eating smoothie by herself.
And making a great mess down her shirt and all over her face. 

Video taken by Josh during breakfast.

I'm going to see if I can edit it so it's upright the whole way through. I am very new to doing videos especially when they aren't planned and are done by the kids! Actually kind of fun.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy!