Monday, December 2, 2013

December Exercise

Rats. Stupid phone. I was sure I published a new blog post today and it's not here, so now I have to do it again.

Anyway, So, I haven't been getting up with my alarm at 5 but I have been getting in my exercise anyway.

There is a cold front coming in tomorrow and so Victor wanted to get some wood cut up and stacked on the porch in readiness. So we spent several hours yesterday sawing by hand logs into sizes that would fit our stove. All 4 of the trees in our yard are dead, so I went ahead and cut down a limb off of one of them and we cut most of that up as well.
Joshua cutting the limb up that we cut off.
Daddy sawing up some wood

Our pile of wood on the porch, ready for keeping us warm!

Boy, if we do this everyday, we'll sure be in shape! My arms are sore.

Today, I did some sit-ups and crunches, planks, and some squats. Then, after we did some schoolwork, the kids and I sawed a couple more limbs down and sawed up a few more logs.

Sarah playing and seeing us saw, haha!
The row of dead trees.
Trees that are dead.
Joshua sitting in the tree we just cut off of.
This is the other tree and limb that we cut off.
The boys sawing away at the limb we cut down.

The limb we cut off landed in the garden.

John climbing in the branches.

So, I am getting lots of exercise! That will help burn off all the good food I've been eating. I'll do a post on some of the yummy soups and things we've been eating, later. Maybe tonight, if I get a chance. With pictures.

And one of my next posts will be all fun pictures. So, if you want to see those, stay tuned to this channel!

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