Sunday, December 15, 2013

Moving out in faith, Part 5.

I was just reading over previous posts and realized I needed to update on our moving situation. My uncle sent me an email earlier this week also asking about it. So here we go.

The landlord managed to work a deal with the powers that be, and we no longer have to move. 

There, that's it. It's a lot shorter on paper than in my head. :)

Anyway, so we are back to keeping warm, and living paycheck to paycheck, and thinking about how we can get rid of some more things just to simplify. 

We still would like to move to a place more in the country, but can't afford it and since grandma doesn't have to move either, it doesn't make sense to spend too much time looking for places at the moment.

It has been extra cold, extra early and we have snow. It's been here about a week and a half and is really just one starting to melt. We got 6 inches or so last week, and the kids and I had fun doing some sledding and they have been having snowball fights. 

The low last week was 1 degree. Fahrenheit, at 5 am Sabbath morning. The first week of December. We don't usually see those kinds of temperatures until January/February, if at all. And the kind of snow we got, rare to get down this low. We get a dusting about once a year and it's gone in a day or so.

So, all in all, a very cold couple of weeks.

But beautiful, and a blessing from God as well. 

We move out in faith, trusting Him with whatever comes our way and praising Him for all the good and wonderful blessings that He sends. 

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