Monday, December 2, 2013

Yummy foods!

These are just some of the foods we've been enjoying the last month or so. Some of our favorites, anyway. 
Definitely an easy favorite. Rice noodle soup with veges.
This one was a delightful 'cheese' enchilada. I used a vegan 'cheesy' sauce recipe made
with potatoes and carrots that turned out really good. This
particular one got a bit scorched on top, but was crispy and with
salsa on top was so yummy, I did it again just because I liked it so much.

This was salad and mashed potatoes and gravy, I think we had some butternut squash as well. 
Desert for the above meal. Gluten free, dairy and egg free,
pumpkin cake with chocolate frosting.

Stir fried rice with veges, and a green smoothie.

Squash and leftover soup with okra with a bit of leftover gravy mixed in, Yum!

Leftover soup, squash and veges.  Leftover gravy in the other pot.

Enjoying our soup.

Sarah waiting for more soup.

Lentil and veges soup. This one I added vege burger and hickory
smoke flavoring and some southwest seasoning. So yummy!

Oat nut burgers, made with flax meal for a binder.

Leftover lentil soup with extra veges and broth added.
Just as good the second time!

Gluten free, dairy and egg free, chocolate pumpkin cake with
crushed walnuts on top. Yum!

Vege sushi rolls we made one day a couple months ago!

Sarah loves her sushi!

Everyone enjoying sushi!

Stir fried rice with tofu, beans and greens. One of our staples!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our food as much as we enjoyed eating it!

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