Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fitness challenge and doings

Feeling accomplished today.

 I skipped the daily smoothie because I didn't get all the ingredients, but I did make a smoothie for on top of pancakes today.

But I did 50 second plank.
40 squats in am.
40 squats in pm.
30 squats in evening.

We did laundry and got most of it put away. Cleaned the kitchen and living room. Then we worked on the shelter for the pickup and mounted the tv in the bedroom. Put the boys back in their room and washed our sheets. 

So the house is mostly clean, needs some more decluttering and a good vacuum and dusting. The boys did good with helping.

Lunch was supper since we had a very late breakfast. It was Barley and mushroom soup with cabbage. I used the rest of the bok choy and it was yummy. The recipe came from my copy of Love Soup. John decided he wanted to make something 'special', so he recruited Joshua's help and the made a yummy salad, with spring greens, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, avocado and then a dressing of salsa and mayo. 

I think I shall head to bed now. It's late and I have a headache. I've been using thieves/on guard for my cold and it seems to have been working. 
Anyway, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, cause that means Sabbath is almost here and I can rest. No more cleaning! 

Good night y'all.

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