Monday, January 13, 2014

Food and fitness

Yesterday I made a couple of yummy dishes for breakfasts and lunch and today I made a stew for lunch.
This was a recipe called Sweet and Smoky Tofu. Find it here:

This was a yummy oat potato patty made be a wonderful cook friend of mine.

The next one I adapted from here.

It actually worked better in the griddle rather than on the stove because it pressed it together nicely.
I used flaxseed instead of the eggs and nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan. I also didn't have any kale so I used Swiss chard. And for bread crumbs, I whizzed up a couple of gf rice waffles. 
The second batch on in this picture, the light colored one, I used cabbage instead of Swiss chard, and added some oat flour to bind it a bit more.

We served this with salad. So yummy! 

Next time I'll add oat flour, use kale in tiny pieces, and do them in the griddle iron. Should be perfect. We'll see!

Today's lunch.

Serving with homemade popcorn. 

While we were making lunch, the kids were doing various things.

And I did 40 squats and a 60 second plank while Victor worked on unemployment and a time card. 

So there we have it. Someone said, what is the point of blogs? They are boring. Who want to read what someone ate for breakfast? Or what you did all day?
I do. I want to read what I did a year ago, and remember. And I like to see sometimes what someone else had for breakfast. It inspires me with new ideas.
And actually, the same could be said for Facebook or MySpace. Who wants to have a play by play of everything a person does? Not me, usually. But it's fun once in a while to go through and see what other people are interested in, or what they have been doing. Its kind of a public journal and for some a ministry.

That said, I always say, if you find it boring or offensive, you don't have to read it. I am who I am, and the only thing I'm going to change will be what God wants me to change.

Be who you are, and what God wants you to be, not what other people think you should be.


  1. Juliette: I look for, and read your *Blogspot* every day since the time you made it known you had a *Blogspot.* I appreciate the window of opportunity to read about, and see delightful pictures of what’s happening in ya’all’s lives. It is a blessing to be able to see all your smiling faces. I enjoy being able to watch the grandkids grow up. They certainly are learning good healthy cooking skills. You are a very good, inspirational, creative cook and your workout statistics are impressive!!!! Your *Blogspot* is also a good way to become aware of prayer specifics for ya’all (ie divine provision of a new stove/oven). I keep Victor John posted as well. His work schedule constantly changes so he is very rarely able to engage in communication via social media; cyberspace; or even conventional phones. I’ve actually grown to *like* your *Blogspot* much more than your FB posts . . . With *His* unconditional love, Laura (aka MIL)

    1. Laura, thanks! I'm glad you guys get to see whats happening in our family. You are family, so it's important that we can share our lives.

      Sounds like you are keeping busy.
      Love and prayers!