Thursday, February 13, 2014


So, we are at my parents this week. We drove over last week through some snow and spent a chilly night in a tent on the trailer. The kids are playing catch with grandma and daddy and Sarah is running around while I am enjoying the sunshine and grandpa is working in the house. This week has been cold but it is warming up this weekend and already getting warmer today.

We went to the aquarium and petted some rays and sharks and starfish, then we went shopping. Sunday, before the cold weather rolled in, the boys went bike riding with grandpa and daddy, while us  girls walked/ran a couple miles with the stroller.

We are going to try to work up to a half marathon for next year so mom and I can climb Mount Whitney next summer. I'm going to start working on that when we get home.

Also the next few months, we are limiting ourselves, or at least I am, with how much time I spend on Facebook and the computer. The landline has been suspended for a few months by choice, so we are limited to the data we get on our phones. Also we are working on paying down our debts this year and when we get home will hopefully be sticking to our budget.

Well, now I am off to get pictures of the kids and enjoy the rest of my vacation! Later folks!

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