Thursday, March 27, 2014

Exercise and other things

This week I have tried to at least get in a 15 minute walk with the kids after breakfast, but that didn't every day. Today, I walked with the kids to the park and back. While there, I did some pull-ups and chin-ups and a few push-ups and then took Sarah down the slides a bunch of times. I did this last week as well. A couple days ago, I tried to take the kids and walk to the mailbox and back, but Josh crashed his bike and scraped up his side and knee pretty bad, so we turned around.

We are going to try to do more exercise everyday, for healing and to build up so that I, at least, can hike the mountain next year. See, I have to keep this goal in mind.

Tomorrow, I am going to do a fruit fast, and then add in some grains, and veges and then back to more normal. I haven't been very good the last few weeks and my gallbladder needs some extra healing.

The kids are doing great with their schoolwork. We just got through reading a book about the Puritans and the Mayflower which was really interesting. It was by Rush Limbaugh and was a fun way to view history. We have been doing a bunch of different things for the different subjects and I have been enjoying homeschooling these days. They are also picking up their reading and writing quite well. I got them each a binder with paper and pens and they have been really loving being able to draw and write.

Last year, we were given 9 months to move. That was up today. Well, along in there, the landlord/manager said he worked some sort of deal and nobody had to move after all. Today, we found out that the paperwork and the money for his deal hadn't gotten past the judges desk. So, we had a paper to sign for a 90 day extension of the 9 months. Now, the his hope is that the judge will sign off on the deal and no one will have to move at the end of the 90 day extension, but really, this is getting old, the uncertainty.

Oh, well. God has a plan, and is always in control. Lord, give us patience, and show us the way!

I guess that's all for now. I'm going to post more tomorrow on health and stuff.

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