Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun health stuff!

The last month or so I've been taking a class on Medical Missionary work. So it's all about God's Plan for health and helping other other people heal themselves as a door to leading them to Christ.

Having gone to Weimar, which is a health based school, I knew a lot of what we are learning already. However, there are things I have learned since school, that I am having to unlearn and many things to relearn, and a lot of stuff I didn't know at all. 

We are reading some awesome books on health, especially the Bible. And I have had some experiences with my own health that are confirming for me, God's way of health. And it is meant for everyone! It is a one size fits all, basically.

First of all, God wants is to be healthy. And physical health affects the mental and spiritual health as well. So, if our body is sick, our brain would be too, and if our brain is fogged up with sickness, we can't think or reason as well, and decision making becomes impaired, affecting the spiritual life. God has given us clear instructions in His word on how we can be healthy and most diseases are brought on by our own violation of the laws of health and nature.

The first step to healing is figuring out the cause. Then we remove the cause and change or correct whatever it is we need to change, such as lack of exercise or wrong foods in the diet, or lack of water. Finally, we aid healing by applying healing herbs, water treatments, charcoal, and whatever other natural remedies may be helpful.

For example, the last few gallbladder attacks I have had I was able to shorten them and leesen the pain using natural remedies instead of drugs. The first one, I used hot and cold water only. The second one, I applied some essential oils (wonderful aids, by the way. Check out my website! ) and also did a charcoal poultice which worked the best. I was able to completely relax and sleep through it. The most recent attack, I was at church and by had brought my box of oils along, not realizing til later that it was a divine inspiration to do so. I used Panaway for pain, lemon for inflammation and blood pressure, and peppermint for digestion. We were having an afternoon meeting, so I went for a walk in the warm sunshine, then just before we went home, I did a hot compress alternating with cold. A few minutes after we left, the pain was completely gone. 

The causes of the attacks were all diet related. So, I am going to work on changing it and doing better at eating right. Plus, I have a tendency to overeat. I am a glutton (pun intended) for punishment. 

Oh, another plug for essential oils and healthy eating. We had some unhealthy foods last week, and that brought on another round of constipation/vomiting/ diarrhea stomach bug thing with Sarah and then John. Only Sarah threw up. I used peppermint and Peace and Calming which has patchouli in it and that helped calm the dry heaves and nausea right down. I also put a charcoal poultice on her stomach and gave her some charcoal water to drink. That was Thursday night and she was well enough to go to church on Sabbath morning. 

Anyway, I think that's a start. I will write more later about what kinds of things I want to incorporate into our lifestyle.

Oh, yeah this last week we also walked 3 miles round trip to the park and then 2 miles round trip almost to the mailbox. Working on doing that more often. 
And got part of the garden planted, after we put down 2 tons of mulch. Fun times! Exciting times, as well. More on that later!!

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