Friday, May 30, 2014

Moving and packing and busyness.

So the last couple of weeks have been busy. Grandma was getting ready to move and Memorial Day was the day. So I have been hopping all over the place, trying to reorganize our house to fit in the stuff she was leaving behind, some of it anyway, and also driving her to different appointments and places in preparation for change.

Sunday, we got some of the last few things packed up, and Monday, Victor and his aunt and uncle and a few friends loaded the uhaul trailer bound for Kansas. After goodbyes, grandma and aunt and uncle left. Then Victor and I finished moving some boxes of things over here to our house so I could sort them. Victor packed up his stuff for a month in Moab and left on Tuesday. 

 The last few days have been relatively quiet, (at least after the kids are in bed!) but we have managed to stay busy by cleaning the living room and the kitchen and taking a large load of stuff to the local thrift store. Also, I managed to finish cleaning out all the items that needed to be moved from Grandmas house and now it is almost empty, ready for new renters whenever the landlord gets some. 

The manager has filled the pond and so the kids have been down there almost every day. At first they were only playing alongside it, catching frogs and tadpoles. But the last couple of days, we've all gone down and swam in it. Cold and refreshing on these hot days. We all got sunburned at least a little bit and have a head start on the summers tans.

I repaired the railing on the front porch and organized my kitchen and installed the a/c unit in the bedroom so I am feeling accomplished!

We are going to try to ge the van cleaned up on Sunday and then I will post pictures on Craigslist and see if we can get any bites, from buyers. If we can get the price we want, we will buy another cheaper vehicle outright and not have the car payment. 

Also sometime, next week, I want to try and take a look at a rental house near here and see if it something we can handle, or if it is even something suited to our needs. 
I don't know if we will have to move at all, but best to be prepared.

Anyway, right now, I am thankful for the Sabbath and the rest God has given for us. Now it's time for a bath and bed. 

God Bless!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Health and learning.

I have been trying to homeschool my kids and lately we've been taking a bit of a break because Victors grandmother is moving, so we have been helping her sort and get rid of items. Also, we have been trying to sort some of our things so that we are less cluttered. 

One of the challenges for me as a homeschooling mom is my own addiction to the internet. Especially Facebook and all the unnecessary reading that is put before me. I often have trouble breaking away from my iPad to do what needs to be done, and spend time with my kids. I hate that I am selfish and lazy and would rather go the easy route in most things.

On top of that, I am taking a Bible health class via phone, which is very interesting and fun. The downside to that is I am learning so much that I need to change in my life and want to be able to share it all with my family right now. Overwhelming, sometimes, since I have a tendency to want to do it all at once and then get discouraged, because I can't. I have to remember to take it one step at a time, one moment at a time. 

So today, we are going to get started back into a schooling mindset. We had our worship and then walked to the park and back. That's P.E. Then we did some history and science, followed by art and music, and English. Now it's time for home ec and lunch. 

Sarah isn't feeling well so she is napping off and on in my lap which makes doing anything difficult, but we'll get it done.