Tuesday, July 22, 2014

House cleaning

Sunday and Monday, Victor had off from work, so we did a bit of housecleaning. By the time, I finished today, we put a bunch of stuff in the car to donate, vacuumed and swept and mopped the floors. The hall is clear again, the kitchen is rearranged, and the bedroom is clean enough to walk in again. It's an awesome feeling, to have a clean house. There are a few things still to clean and declutter, but some of it is just lack of storage and will be dealt with tomorrow. 

We went swimming today and the neighbors were out as well, so the kids got to play with their friends for a bit.

I managed to not snack last night before bed, and we did get to bed a little earlier and also got up a bit earlier than usual this morning.  

I should have taken pictures before we cleaned to get the contrast and taken pictures as soon as it was clean. I took these pictures Wednesday morning, so it's has a more lived in look than a just cleaned look. Three boys, a toddler and the neighbor kids can sure mess things up in a hurry, but it still looks a hundred times better than it did. 

We only have a small regular vacuum at doesn't work very well, so I used the shop vac and boy the difference was awesome! I'm going to use that from now on. If all you can do is vacuum, do that. It makes the room feel clean even if there are toys laying around and dust on the shelves. 
Living room with things now out of place again. But better than it was by a long shot.

Kitchen swept and mopped, yesterday and table moved to make the walkway wider.

Hallway after losing some shelves and trash and boxes! Yay!

My room, though the laundry is piling up again. Where did that come from? I just put a bunch away! But hey, the floor is vacuumed and I can walk in here again!

Bathroom which has remnants from swimming, yesterday. The boys did a very good job cleaning it, though.

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