Friday, August 1, 2014

Challenge report day 1

Today I didn't get much actual exercise done, but we did a bunch of house cleaning and walked around at several stores. Also, when we were at Costco, I parked clear at the end of the parking lot, so we had to walk a long ways. We didn't get any swimming in at all, because we were late getting back from town and had a few other things to do before Sabbath. 

One thing I noticed today with no Facebook was I was more "awake" I guess, to what was going on around me. I did think about it several times especially when I used my iPad to read for worship, and to look up a couple things on the internet. But I managed to stay off it. I remembered what I was trying to do and it helped keep my focus.

Staying away from sugar today was easier than I expected it to be. There were lots of samples at Costco, but only a couple of them had sugar in them. There was a demonstration of the Vitamix but she used only a bit of agave nectar in one of the smoothies she made. I did slip up tonight when we made granola. I stuck my finger in the pan to lick up the syrup, but remembered just as I licked it off. So I didn't take anymore! Hurray! 

Tomorrow, I will have to remember to stay away from the desert table at potluck and see if we can take the kids for a hike In the afternoon.

All in all, it's been a fairly good day, challenge wise, and I'm looking forward to a restful Sabbath.

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