Sunday, August 3, 2014

Challenge report day 2

Yesterday everyone was tired, from too many late nights. But we managed to go to bed at a reasonable time, so that's a start on catching up.

Sabbath was fairly restful. There were some visitors at church, so we had a full class in primary. Sarah turned two this week, so her teacher gave everyone cupcakes including our class, so by church time they were all full of sugar and not very hungry for potluck. I didn't have any cupcakes and only swiped a crumb off of the plate of zucchini bread, which wasn't very sweet anyway.

In the afternoon, we came home and changed to go to Zion for some hiking. I laid on the floor and the kids were hyper and bouncing all over Victor, but I had a catnap for a few minutes which was very refreshing. On the drive over Victor was sleepy, so I drove and he had a catnap.

We rode the bus all the way to the end, Temple of Sinawava, and walked for awhile, the. The kids played in the river for a few minutes. We walked a bit further and then the kids needed to use the bathroom so we headed back. Everyone was pooped, and by the time we got back to the car at the visitors center, Sarah was asleep. Jeffrey fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It was really time for bed when we got home, but everyone was hungry so they had some peanut butter and toast, Victor made a pot of noodle soup and he ate a bowl of that, and I had some bread and milk.  The kids went to bed late, but Victor and I were both in bed before 10.

So we got our exercise in, I managed my sugar intake, and only thought about Facebook a little.

Today it's rainy! Praise The Lord! Our garden really needs it. The well water is too hard, I think and the nutrients don't always get where they need to go. Nice drizzle most of the morning, and fairly cool. If it clears up this afternoon we'll try to get a walk and/or swimming in before the day is gone.

Anyway, I'll report back later!

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