Monday, August 4, 2014

Challenge report day 4 and stuff

Today has been cool and drizzley off and on all day. We had lentils and homegrown butternut squash for lunch, still praising God for the wonderful fruits of the garden. It was so juicy, that when I scooped the seeds out with my hand the juice ran all over the place like a ripe peach when you bite into it.

The boys ran all over the place outside and this afternoon when the sun came out we went for a walk around the field and across to the orchard where we found a bounty of apples, some already ripe. So we picked a bunch and will check back next week for more.

It's too cool for swimming today, but the weather is like fall out there. And the rain is nice for our garden.

Looking forward to next weekend and camping. It's supposed to be cool and sunny, so we will need warm clothes and jackets, but hats as well. 

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