Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Challenge report days 11,12

Monday, I didn't do too much as far as exercise. We were all pooped from camping. I had a some graham crackers for dessert but that's all the sugar I had. We did some laundry and watched some movies.

Tuesday we went swimming, and had some fun with the neighbor kids.

Victor and I went over our budget again, and he has been looking at some websites for houses and other things.

I think I am needing to limit myself to certain times for games and tv. Too much of it going on around here.

Addictions, they are all over the place. Food, technology. Anything that takes away from time with God, is an addiction. And idolotry, because it is putting yourself and your own desires ahead of His. We need to submit our wills, to His will. And He will work in us, to will and to do of His good pleasure. And His Will is Love and obedience to Him.

Well, now it's raining again. Nice! The garden sure needs it. Thank you, Lord!

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