Saturday, August 23, 2014

Challenge report for days 19-23

Ate the last two ice cream bars and had some cookies and s'mores this week. Also, stayed up way too late a couple nights.

Today, managed to eat only a few animal crackers as far as sweets go.

I have been able to restrain myself from Facebook. Now I need to limit myself on the games and tv, since I think I replaced Facebook with those things. 

Fortunately, we started school this week so my time is more limited if we want to get anything constructive done. I am really excited for the new lessons we are starting next week and looking forward to the wonderful bible studies we will be having.

We have still been swimming when the weather is good. The pond, however, is getting a bit overgrown with weeds, but it hasn't gotten so bad that we can't swim. 

The weather has been nice this month and cooler than usual. Our garden is picking up a little, now that we had some rain and everything isn't getting fried by the heat. We went to the orchard again this week and got some apples. The kids each found a fig, but that was all. Everything else is not really producing anything. Victor wants to get out there and prune the trees this winter in the hopes that next years produce will be better. Every little bit helps with the grocery bill.

I still need to work on my water intake. I think I am going to work on ways to do that. Also, maybe I can get to bed earlier. I have so much I want to do, and oftentimes not enough willpower and motivation to do it. I procrastinate too much. 

Well, that's all for now. I have a baby running around dripping water all over the floor after her bath, so I need to get a diaper on her and see if she'll go to bed. 

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