Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Challenges report day 24-26

So, I'm not doing so good with the sugar challenge. Victor brought home some candy and donuts and other sugary stuff, and I indulged. I think I just kind of forgot about the sugar part of the challenge. I do notice however, that it's not as appealing to me so that's something I guess.

I put up a chart to try to drink more water, and yesterday that was a big success. Every time I went by, it seems, I drank some. And we are managing to get to bed a bit earlier the last few nights. No later than 10:30, I think.

It poured down rain the last few afternoons so we haven't gotten outside to go swimming, but we did load up the pickup with junk and Victor made a run to the salvage yard. We got outside and looked at the garden for a bit before it rained, as well.

It is sunny this morning, so I may have to see if we can take a walk.

Even with Victor being off the last couple of days, we are staying on track with our worship and school schedule, for the most part which is good, since usually everything just flies out the window with him home.

I guess that's all for now.  Later.

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