Monday, September 1, 2014

Challenges report end of August

Well, I managed to curb my sugar intake for a couple of weeks and then kind of fell off the wagon. But it's ok, because i noticed that I don't crave it so much now. 

I didn't get as much walking in as I hoped I would, but I did do more swimming. We've gone swimming almost everyday that it wasn't raining, except for a few days. 

I stayed off Facebook until Sabbath the 30th. Having spent so much time off, I went into it expecting to binge on it. However, I found that it wasn't as appealing to me. I can get sucked into reading comments and debates about stuff, but is realized that there was so much junk and negativity and drama, that I am not so likely to jump on there. I'm hoping that I can now keep it to a minimum. Just a quick peek for messages and maybe a status update or two, rather than every time that I am bored. 

Today, we jumped into more schoolwork and pulled some weeds in the garden. I pulled some ragweed and now am paying for it with itchy eyes, sneezing and sinus drainage. We went swimming and had some fun. Now the kids are all in bed and Victor is out of town working, so I am sitting here watching a movie. By myself. With the cat, in the living room.

Maybe I'll get to bed early tonight. Or at least on time. I managed to get more water in today. Having a chart helps since I like more checkmarks.

Well, that's my update. Later.

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