Monday, October 27, 2014

Things of October

Wow, it's been over a month since I posted last. Well, I'll try to bring out some of the more interesting things for this month.

Victor spent some time in Kanab this month, so one day we drove over there and visited my friend Amy for a couple of hours.

Sarah is picking up a lot of words and starting to speak in short 2-3 word sentences. She like to talk and sometimes will talk about things for several minutes, some of which is understandable, much of it, not. 

The kids are enjoying the cooler fall weather, spending hours outdoors, creating things, building forts and playing with the neighbor kids in the sand. 

Allergies have been really bad lately. I feel like I have a cold, complete with runny, stuffy nose and sneezing. My eyes get itchy and sometimes watery as well. I finally started taking some herbal allergy supplements that contain stinging nettle which seems to help some, and am going to try to leave out sugar and wheat more. I've kind of gotten back to eating more of those things as they are so yummy! This website gave me some great ideas and maybe some motivation.

Speaking of motivation, I've found setting the timer for a few minutes helpful to get some cleaning done. Another thing I do to motivate myself off the couch is to take the kids for a walk or go to the park when they start acting hyper or fussy. It's a distraction for both of us. 

Today we went to the park. The kids and I played tag with the dog and much to my surprise, he chased John on command after I tagged him. For a few minutes anyway. Then when he was tired out he came and 'asked' to go home. So, we came home. Poor dog. We don't pay enough attention to him.

Last week, I had the sermon for church. I was supposed to do it earlier in the summer, but things got switched around, and then our pastor left to go to seminary, so for the summer we did a DVD series. So, I was pushed out til October. But it was actually better that way, because as the summer progressed and I had more time to study and pray on it, the Lord impressed me in a more focused and slightly different direction than I originally planned to go. I will share some of what I talked about maybe in a later post.

Also, this week I got to see an awesome weekend series that was speaking out against spiritual formation and the Emergent Church movement. Basically, this movement is dealing in spiritualism, mysticism, and eastern religious practices, but they are renaming and repackaging them  and bringing them into many Christian churches and schools. It degrades the work of the Holy Spirit and the Bible doctrines, particularly justification by faith and is very dangerous. 

We started a Sabbath afternoon study group at our house and so far have two people attending. One is a Lutheran who left his church a few months ago, because they weren't teaching Bible prophecy. The other guy loves Bible prophecy and end times, and wants to study more . So we have been having some good discussions, so far.

Jesus is coming soon. I hope people realize that, and that their only hope of Heaven is the faith of Jesus and His righteousness. Things are moving very quickly now, as Satan knows his time is short and is working very hard to deceive the world into following him. But we know that God's Word is true and that He is in control and will bring His people through to the end. 


  1. I'm so sorry your suffering from allergies! I hope they get better for you. Glad to see you back blogging!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea