Monday, December 22, 2014

Happenings and thoughts

So, today I managed to get all the laundry done. Well, most of it. Just a few things to put away and a load of diapers to do.

And the boys played all day with the neighbor kids outside, building forts, 'cooking' 'soup', and having lots of fun in general. One thing I do appreciate about them, is they are learning to be obedient even though it seems sometimes like they spend a lot of time complaining and dragging their feet. When they are clear across the field, if they can hear me, they come running, or at least respond.

Anyway, that is one of the thoughts I had. This weekend we had the Christmas program so I am going to put up some pictures of all my kids and some of the others who were involved.

Family Picture with kids new outfits from grandma and grandpa

Mommy and Daddy

One of the Primary girls, she played and sang, O Come All Ye Faithful

Shepherd/wise man Joshua

Jeffrey and baby shepherd boy with primary girl

Some of our little angels

Some bigger angels. They all sang Angels we have heard on high. Boy shepherd in the back against the wall, played a drum to The Little Drummer Boy

Victor, my friend Jenn and one of the Youth girls doing O Holy Night

The Primary kids read Bible verses about the Nativity

They also sang Away in  a Manger

I had to read a few of the verses since we had more verses than kids and one of my kids decided he didn't want to read. Sarah likes to hold a mic even if its not plugged in.

Youth group singing Mary Did you Know.

One of the Primary boys reading. 

All of them did very well, and the program went smoothly. The younger kids got up for their songs and sang very well. I was so impressed and proud of all of them! I was very thankful for all their teachers who had them practicing right up until it was time to go in and sit down. We got some videos  of some of the program.

John reading
Primary kids sing Away in a Manger
Youth play What Child is This
Primary Girl reads
Youth sing/play Silent Night
Youth sing/play What a Glorious Night

Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy doings

I've been trying to wean Sarah from her night feelings, so I started with the one she would have right before bed. I think it's working. Normally, I put her down to bed, about 8. And she would crawl in with us in the early am, not sure when, anywhere from 1-4. She wants to nurse back to sleep, though I think it's mostly a comfort, rather than actually thirsty. Once in a while she has asked for a drink, which I have gotten her and she goes back to sleep. Last night, I put her down as usual, which by this time, means I lay down with her and hold her hand or rub her face til she falls asleep. She hadn't nursed since lunchtime I think. I woke up this morning at 5 and realized she had slept the whole night in her own bed! I hope it's a trend, and not just a one time thing.

Today she skipped her nap so I rocked her to sleep about 7. She nursed around nap time but there was too much going on, so she didn't go down. She was definitely ready for bed tonight. She fussed a bit about not nursing, but gave up quicker this time. 

We worked on sewing shepherd costumes for the boys today. I made three of them. Tomorrow, I will make belts and figure out what I am going to wear. We also did some grocery shopping and the boys brought in a bunch of firewood. It's cold in here, and there is snow on the mountains. 

Anyway, I feel like we accomplished a lot today, between not nursing and sewing and shopping. I'm tired. 😊

Friday, December 12, 2014

Newsy items

So, the last few weeks I have been somewhat tired, nauseous at night, having Sarah nurse in the wee hours is annoying, and sometimes a bit painful, my menstrual cycle is wonky a bit anyway, but I missed November. So last week, my best friend gave me some pregnancy tests and I did the pee on the stick thing. Only, these ones were pee in a cup then dip the stick. Well, it was very positive.

I told my dad, and he said, "Oh, oh."  I told Victor's grandmother and she said "You need a bigger house." I told my sister and she said, "Don't you know what birth control is? And what are you going to do about space?"

Anyway, the boys all want twin girls to make it even, boys to girls. Sarah doesn't even know what's happening. And I'm thinking, I don't care, except it's healthy, and I want my appetite back. Every time I get pregnant, it flies out the window for a few months. Not throwing up or anything, just no desire to eat and yet I feel better when I do.

So, there you go, I'm about 10 weeks give or take, my clothes already were tight and getting  more so everyday. I'm trying to up my intake of water, since I tend to not drink enough anyway, as well as wean Sarah off her night sleepy time feeding.

Also, I'm very addicted to Facebook, so tonight I decided, if at all possible , I am not going to read my timeline or my notifications. I will however keep posting things I read in my daily devotions and other readings. And maybe blog more about the things we do. More like journal them. I do have Facebook messenger, if anyone messages me on facebook, I will receive those and respond.

We are planning a Christmas program for next Sabbath at church. The kids will be reading Bible verses from the story of Jesus birth, interspersed with congregational and special songs.

So, this next week, I need to find my sewing boxes, and figure out an angel costume for Sarah, and some shepherd or wisemen costumes for the boys. I have some ideas, just need to see what material I have and get cracking on it!
I am also, with the help of the boys, making some tin can luminaries with tea lights for decorations. I hope they don't look too tacky.

Anyway, I'm meeting with the midwife this weekend for my first prenatal and based on my calculations, we are due around the first or second week of July 2015.

I think that's all, for now. I'm sleepy and it's getting late. I should head off for bed.

Night all!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November doings.

So, we pretty much have been doing the same old doings. Last week, I did a week long walking water drinking challenge with one of my friends. So, I am more motivated now to get out there and do it some more. I am also trying to drink more water.

I want to start a FB group of my own for a challenge. Maybe more of a support group. Where we can tell each other what we did that day for walking and how much we drank. 

I would also like to limit the time I am on FB again, since it is an addiction for me. 

This week, we are starting to get ready for a Christmas program at church. The kids will be singing and reading Bible verses. We are making luminaries out of tin cans and I am going to see if I can make some wings and an angel costume for Sarah. 

We shall see how that goes.