Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy doings

I've been trying to wean Sarah from her night feelings, so I started with the one she would have right before bed. I think it's working. Normally, I put her down to bed, about 8. And she would crawl in with us in the early am, not sure when, anywhere from 1-4. She wants to nurse back to sleep, though I think it's mostly a comfort, rather than actually thirsty. Once in a while she has asked for a drink, which I have gotten her and she goes back to sleep. Last night, I put her down as usual, which by this time, means I lay down with her and hold her hand or rub her face til she falls asleep. She hadn't nursed since lunchtime I think. I woke up this morning at 5 and realized she had slept the whole night in her own bed! I hope it's a trend, and not just a one time thing.

Today she skipped her nap so I rocked her to sleep about 7. She nursed around nap time but there was too much going on, so she didn't go down. She was definitely ready for bed tonight. She fussed a bit about not nursing, but gave up quicker this time. 

We worked on sewing shepherd costumes for the boys today. I made three of them. Tomorrow, I will make belts and figure out what I am going to wear. We also did some grocery shopping and the boys brought in a bunch of firewood. It's cold in here, and there is snow on the mountains. 

Anyway, I feel like we accomplished a lot today, between not nursing and sewing and shopping. I'm tired. 😊

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