Monday, December 22, 2014

Happenings and thoughts

So, today I managed to get all the laundry done. Well, most of it. Just a few things to put away and a load of diapers to do.

And the boys played all day with the neighbor kids outside, building forts, 'cooking' 'soup', and having lots of fun in general. One thing I do appreciate about them, is they are learning to be obedient even though it seems sometimes like they spend a lot of time complaining and dragging their feet. When they are clear across the field, if they can hear me, they come running, or at least respond.

Anyway, that is one of the thoughts I had. This weekend we had the Christmas program so I am going to put up some pictures of all my kids and some of the others who were involved.

Family Picture with kids new outfits from grandma and grandpa

Mommy and Daddy

One of the Primary girls, she played and sang, O Come All Ye Faithful

Shepherd/wise man Joshua

Jeffrey and baby shepherd boy with primary girl

Some of our little angels

Some bigger angels. They all sang Angels we have heard on high. Boy shepherd in the back against the wall, played a drum to The Little Drummer Boy

Victor, my friend Jenn and one of the Youth girls doing O Holy Night

The Primary kids read Bible verses about the Nativity

They also sang Away in  a Manger

I had to read a few of the verses since we had more verses than kids and one of my kids decided he didn't want to read. Sarah likes to hold a mic even if its not plugged in.

Youth group singing Mary Did you Know.

One of the Primary boys reading. 

All of them did very well, and the program went smoothly. The younger kids got up for their songs and sang very well. I was so impressed and proud of all of them! I was very thankful for all their teachers who had them practicing right up until it was time to go in and sit down. We got some videos  of some of the program.

John reading
Primary kids sing Away in a Manger
Youth play What Child is This
Primary Girl reads
Youth sing/play Silent Night
Youth sing/play What a Glorious Night

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