Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vacation Pictures

Last month we went to Texas for a couple of weeks for the wedding of some dear friend's. They had invited my siblings and I to do the music for it, so we got to spend time together with my family. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed playing with their cousin and her baby sister who we met for the first time. Here are some pictures of the beautiful weather and the family.

The whole family eating lunch one day. My brother Jon was taking the picture.
Mom and sister Tiff and I fixing a meal.
All the kids helping grandpa haul brush to the burn pile with the pickup.

All of the kids loved to sit on the couch and watch uncle Jon and grandpa play games.
All of the kids had to take a try at being a tortoise with grandma's tortoise shell.
The kids all got to take a ride on the horses, so they were waiting and watching from the fence while aunt Tiff and grandma got them saddled.

Even cousin Emily took a ride.

Sarah riding the 'hosee'.
Even grandpa and Uncle Jon got to ride.
We practiced for the wedding.
Baby Amber practiced too!

Sabbath we all went to church. . . 
And took an afternoon walk around the lake.

Sunday was the wedding. All the cousins together waiting for the wedding. Except for baby who was with her mommy.

The girls all together before the wedding.
My brother and I.

My sister and my mom.
After the wedding with sparklers to see the bride and groom off.
Trying to get pictures in the bluebonnets, while staying clear of the fire ants.
Finally, all the cousins in the bluebonnets, Amber and Sarah are upset.

After pictures, we went swimming in the lake. Nice and cool, just cold enough to not stay in too long. The kids played in the playground most of the time, while mom, my brother Jon, my sister Tiff and I swam and played in the lake.

After swimming, waiting to go to lunch.
After lunch we found a nice patch of bluebonnets and stopped to take pictures.
This time, all babies cooperated. And we got some nice ones.

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