Saturday, August 19, 2017

Changes part 2

One of the first changes in my blog will be its regularity. I haven't been regular about posting. My goal is to post more often.

One part will be in line with my website name, This used to lead somewhere else, but now will lead to this blog.

The next part will be along the lines of health.

After that, will hopefully be a video from my YouTube channel. I'm not sure about the content yet, but as I said previously, it's a process.

Finally, the last part of my blog, will be family related: homeschool adventures, pictures of the kids, fun things we've done through the week.

I have a goal to be consistent since I have a tendency to start things, have big ideas, and not follow through. This seems to be human nature, but I'm praying God will help me in this.

Tomorrow will be my first post, on health, so watch for it!

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