Sunday, August 27, 2017

Healthy recipe and tips

This week I was introduced by my friend to an awesome little store in our big city that has a ton of produce for cheaper than any other place I've found. They even had a rack of clearance items, so I got a box of bell peppers for $1.00. I spent way less on produce than I would otherwise including melons and strawberries. Another store she told me about was a bakery outlet store where they sell their bread at a discount. I stopped there and got about 6 loaves of bread for $1- $1.50 each. One other place I found, courtesy of my friend, is the 99 cent only store in which most things are 99 cents. Here I found bags of lentils, and some produce and other healthy foods for cheaper than even Walmart! Make sure though to compare the prices, because not everything is cheaper, or may be cheaper quality.

My tip for you is to look around your area for local markets or stands that may sell food items at a discount either because they are local, or because it's overstock items, or close to its sell buy date.

Today's menu consists of some whole grain bread, and a bowl of lentil stew with greens and veges.

The recipe for my throw together lentils is as follows:

1 lb. lentils, any kind
Boil in water until tender.
Add choice of veges and greens. Today we have 2 small bunches of kale, and a package of frozen okra.

I added half a tablespoon or so of vegetable bouillon, then salt, onion powder and garlic powder to taste. Cook until veges are just tender.

We served ours with whole grain bread on the side.

What are your favorite cheap but healthy meals?

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